In general, the basic functionality of a VPN-tunnel is pretty easy to explain.
However, first, you should know that every single device using the internet gets assigned a public IP-address as soon as it comes online. Every provider of a web service or a website can see your individual IP-address. (It is public after all) You would be surprised how much information about you is passed on to providers of web service, websites, and potentially everybody on the internet. This even includes your current location, which can be accurately determined to just a few kilometers!

If anonymity on the internet is of importance to you, there is no way around using a good VPN-service.

How It Works:

Instead of connecting directly to the Internet, your devices first establish a connection to a virtual private network (VPN). First, all of your incoming and outgoing data traffic is safely encrypted and then sent to a datacenter. (preferably in a country that is known for its strict data protection laws; Switzerland for example)

In other words, your genuine public IP-address is going to be disguised, and third parties are then only able to detect the public IP-address of the datacenter you are connected to.

Why You Should Use a VPN


  • Total Anonymity: Not even governmental institutions can track yourself or your browsing activity.
  • No targeted advertisement / No price adjustments in online shops
  • Circumvent country restrictions (e.g., for downloading or streaming)
  • The encryption prevents data collection at public wifi hotspots

Best VPN Services (in My Opinion)

NordVPN is extremely easy to use, provides its apps for most platforms, has a bunch of server locations all around the world, and supports high-speed internet connections without compromises.

SwissVPN offers a variety of cutting edge encryption technologies for every device that supports VPN-Connections. Gaining access is remarkably fast. Just choose an e-mail address, pay for a month, and immediately receive your login data. NO SUBSCRIPTION!


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