One of the buzzing news that you might have missed is ExpressVPN announcing a partnership with HP to bring consumer-grade, high-level security VPN solutions to HP products. This is a move that many of us would have seen coming, but one that is very important for the market anyways.

The partnership kicks off with the launch of the HP Spectre x360 13, and we believe that is just the first of many devices that will come bundled with the ExpressVPN software at launch.

How does the partnership work?

Sources have claimed that this arrangement between both companies is not just a load and forget to move from HP. Before the HP Spectre x360 13 made the market at all, engineers from both companies have worked hand-in-hand on the software side of the laptop to ensure compatibility and improved security in all regions.

Thus, while HP licenses the Windows software as it does for its laptop and desktop computers, ExpressVPN brings its leading VPN solution optimized for Windows to the party too.

Before this, HP has been in bed with antivirus software companies to have their products on its laptops too. This, of course, is also geared at ensuring the average user is kept safe against the ever-growing world of cyber threats out there.

With more threats emerging by the day, it becomes important to focus on other ways to protect consumers. Making this move shows just how much VPNs are important in fighting the new wave of internet attacks.

How a VPN boosts user security

HP would not have made the decision to include ExpressVPN and its products on their laptop if they were not fully convinced of the potential this software has for fighting cyber threats.

Speaking on the matter, Mike Nash – the chief technologist and Vice President of Consumer Experience at HP Inc. – stated that the inclusion of a VPN will help users secure themselves against a wide variety of ills they are exposed to on the internet, especially when connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

The realization that these free Wi-Fi networks are inherently unsafe might come as a revelation to many. This is why a lot of consumers will connect to these networks with reckless abandon, oftentimes not caring about the repercussions they are exposing themselves to.

For one, public Wi-Fi networks come with the least shred of security and encryption, if they ever have any at all. This puts all users on such a network at risk of being monitored and having their internet traffic followed/collected.

Speaking of data collection, that is not even new; considering the fact that the network providers have spelled it out in their terms and conditions already.

If the establishments can be trusted to use the data in a humane way, the same cannot be said of hackers who will be on the lookout for sensitive data – anything from credit card details to account login information.

All that, and we have not mentioned the risks of falling prey to man-in-the-middle attacks and connecting to rogue networks, among others.

Besides that, though, a VPN also helps consumers secure their private connections to prevent data monitoring and deanonymization of their computers. This will be especially important for users handling sensitive files, cryptocurrencies, or just care about the privacy of their data.

This, the VPN does by layering your internet traffic over numerous servers it has in store, making it impossible for a hacker to effectively trace you.

Why ExpressVPN

We could just tell you that ExpressVPN is currently the leading brand in consumer-grade VPN security and leave it at that, but we won’t.

  • TrustedServer Technology – An ExpressVPN exclusive, this dedicates a virtual server to you and wipes all data written to it with every reboot for a better security profile.
  • Encryption – ExpressVPN enjoys a 256-bit level of protection which is considered the FBI-grade of encryption.
  • Servers – With over 3000 servers in hundreds of cities around the world, ExpressVPN offers access to just about any chosen location.
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited bandwidth means users never have to worry about data throttling after some usage.
  • Speed – While VPNs are known to slow down your internet connection, ExpressVPN takes the other way in being optimized for speed instead.

Future of Consumer Cybersecurity

With a single move, HP has opened up the doors and set the pace for other manufacturers in the market.

Any OEM worth its salt should not treat consumer privacy and security as an afterthought. The world has bled enough from cybercrimes, and something needs to be done to that effect. HP is leading that charge with their HP Spectre x360 13, and we are sure others will follow suit.

When they follow is uncertainty, but they will.


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