Sometimes I post the wrong picture to my Facebook feed after I have already cropped and edited it. It is difficult to find the correct image among all the small thumbnails on my phone. I usually delete the entire post and then upload the right photo. However, sometimes, I realize my mistake a little too late, and my friends have already left some comments and likes. Now what? Is there a way to replace the old/wrong photo with the new and correct one without losing any of those likes and comments?


As long as you have uploaded the photo directly (i.e., using one of the official Facebook Apps) and not via a third-party app, you can edit the post retrospectively. Thus also being able to replace the picture. Simply locate the post in question on your timeline. Use the three dots at the right upper corner of the post to open a menu. Then click on “Edit post.” Now a small “x” should appear in the top right corner of the image. Click on it to remove the wrong image first. Then click on “Photo/Video” and choose the correct picture. Finally, click on the “Save” button to publish the replaced photo. Voilà! The wrongly uploaded picture has been replaced, and you did not lose a single like or comment on the post!


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