Bad passwords rank among the easiest ways to compromise a system. Using so-called “Brute Force” – attacks, computers can sift through all possible letter/number/special character – combinations in literally less than a second. This circumstance makes it incredibly easy for hackers to find out your (mostly 8-figure long) password.

There are even specialized dictionaries containing the most used passwords, as well as their alterations. Most of the time, these will be the first starting point of any hacker.

In this article, I will show you how to create a secure password that is also easy to remember.

Now, how do I choose a secure password that is also easy to remember?

In order to prevent “Brute Force” – attacks, it is sufficient to use a relatively long password. This means thusly that we should, first of all, abolish the term “password” and instead think of “passphrases.”

This is actually quite simple: You come up with a personal phrase, which is 1st of all easy to recall, 2nd too long for “Brute Force” attacks to work, and 3rd unlikely to be found in one of the abovementioned dictionaries.

Here are some possible examples:





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