How to Choose a Secure Password? Use Passphrases!

Bad passwords rank among the easiest ways to compromise a system. Using so-called “Brute Force” – attacks, computers can sift through all possible letter/number/special character – combinations in literally less than a second. This circumstance makes it incredibly easy for hackers to find out your (mostly 8-figure long) password.

There are even specialized dictionaries containing the most used passwords, as well as their alterations. Most of the time, these will be the first starting point of any hacker.

In this article, I will show you how to create a secure password that is also easy to remember.

Facebook Post

How to Replace a Photo in a Facebook Post – Without Deleting Anything


Sometimes I post the wrong picture to my Facebook feed after I have already cropped and edited it. It is difficult to find the correct image among all the small thumbnails on my phone. I usually delete the entire post and then upload the right photo. However, sometimes, I realize my mistake a little too late, and my friends have already left some comments and likes. Now what? Is there a way to replace the old/wrong photo with the new and correct one without losing any of those likes and comments?